While preschool children need to develop important skills necessary for academic success, it is vital for them to be provided with opportunities to discover the excitement of learning. We offer experiences and activities that promote the joy of learning. Our …


At ARCDC, children explore, discover, and learn, through play time, classroom time, library time, singing time, dancing time, drama time, quiet time, conversation time, and many more.Music, movement, and rhythm are an integral part of our program. Children listen, sing, …


Our teachers are all qualified and experienced. With college degrees, they have additional diplomas in Early Childhood Education. The Teacher to Student ratio is one is to ten. The teacher aides also are experienced and communicate in English.


Our philosophy is to deal with the whole child, with an emphasis on building self confidence. All facets of a child’s growth and development are stressed equally. We do this in a happy and relaxed manner.


OUR POLICY REGARDING SAFETY School gates are kept locked and the keys are held by the Principal or Vice Principal. All staff members’ credentials and contact details have been thoroughly verified. There are no male staff members. Children will not …