Who We Are?

We are a child-centered nursery school promoting the optimum growth and development of the preschool child, for the past 21 years.

How do we do this?

By using global preschool practices adapted for use in India. Also by exchanging ideas and best practices with our two sister schools in Los Angeles and in New York, USA.

Our Mission Statement

To prepare preschool children for “Big School ” by nurturing their all-round growth and development, through a variety of activities that foster this all-round development.

Our Primary Objective

To make the child’s transition from home to school or from mummy to the teacher, smooth and seamless. We do this by offering a home-like atmosphere where teachers are mother substitutes. We take pride in saying that our school is a home away from home for the very young child.

Other key objectives are

  1. To provide a safe, secure, clean, happy, and relaxed environment for the child.
  2. To foster Emotional Development through kind, patient, and caring, Early Childhood Education practices.
  3. To foster Social Development through a variety of play activities that foster interaction with teachers and peers.
  4. To foster Physical Development through dance and a variety of age-appropriate physical activity. Also by providing a wholesome, home-cooked breakfast.
  5. To foster Intellectual Development through a variety of age-appropriate activities that make learning fun. To teach children all that is required before they go to “Big School “, with a focus on loud and clear communication in English.
  6. To enhance the 3 Ss – Self Esteem, Self Worth, Self Confidence and to overcome shyness and stage fright, through drama, singing, recitation, etc.
  7. To teach life skills such as independence, hygiene, toilet training, manners and etiquette, respect for elders and others, respect for the environment, basic civic sense, etc. Toilet Training is built into our timetable and is part of our curriculum.
  8. To ensure that preschool is fun and a joyful, happy, place to be in.